About Holly Brown

Holly Brown is a writer & photographer with a Masters degree in Theatre. Currently based in Austin TX, she's passionate about creative sustainability, fair trade, and most recently playing the drums.

Circular Economy – Best Bet for the Future

By Holly Brown Does the throw away culture keep you up at night? It should. Until societal norms and rules get up to speed implementing an effective circular economy, responsibility is in your hands as an individual.  A circular economy is the next step toward sustainable living for a planet with a growing population. [...]

The Shocking Truth About Food Waste

A Cursory Overview By Holly Brown The shocking truth about food waste is a wake up call to 21st century humanity.  Abundance is a wonderful thing, but overabundance produces taxed landfills and obesity. World population has reached over 7 billion and barring some catastrophic disaster, is expected to continue expanding. Feeding all the people is a rather miraculous [...]

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Toxic Ingredients in the Clothes You Wear

By Holly Brown There is not a lot of talk about the toxic ingredients in the clothes you wear, but the textile industry is a many layered one, without a great deal of reporting accountability.  We take special care with what we put into our bodies, why wouldn't we do the same with what we put on [...]

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