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Are Outliers the New Normal?

Connecting you to projects & information about earth, water, allergens, ingredients,  and health.

The 21st century has met humanity with all sorts of new normals for human health and conditions – some might say we can all be considered canaries now.

Human health is directly related to the health of the earth and environment.  Changes in climate and resources have caused new conditions for people.

How often do you think about the clothes you wear?  Do you know the conditions of the workers who make them and the ingredients that are woven into them?

What if you developed a skin allergy to the point where wearing any clothing at all is problematic?

What about the ingredients that are in the products you use every day? What about the food you eat?

This site is dedicated to exploring what may not be top of mind, unless you find yourself, your children, or loved ones experiencing extreme reactions to your environment.







Paint Me Blue strives to enhance understanding of the changing environment, connecting links to projects/sites  for people who want to learn and/or contribute.